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Creativity, modern craftsmanship and bespoke design sit at the heart of everything Pedro's Bluff does. Based in Auckland in New Zealand’s North Island, the brand is focused on simple, practical details, showcasing the premium leather and workmanship that go into producing the range.

At the centre of the Pedro’s Bluff design philosophy is the women who carry the bags. Independent, confident women who love life and all of its complexities – for it’s all the layered facets of life that make a design, and indeed a woman, a timeless beauty of memorable quality.

Taking customisation to a new level, Pedro's Bluff invites customers to recreate their favourite image and text via leather hand-painting, transforming a conversation about the product into a truly special and personal experience.


Globehopper Travel Wallet - Pedro's Bluff - Made in New Zealand



Pedro's Bluff all started with a long distance relationship, where I would fly across the Tasman between Sydney and Auckland every fortnight to visit my then-fiancé. In the quest for the perfect travel wallet to distinguish between cards and currencies, in 2016 the Globehopper was born. Created in the most sumptuous leathers and textures made of and in New Zealand, this wallet established the brand’s unique, sartorial statement towards design.

Enjoying the process of design and inspired by a range of disciplines growing up in Hong Kong and Australia, from sculpture to furniture to fashion, I was drawn to create a range of handbags with no compromises when I made the move to join my now-husband in New Zealand. They had to be timeless, functional, and celebrate the joie de vivre of everyday life. 

From Melbourne to Shanghai to New York, our bags have been purchased and enjoyed by fabulous customers around the world. 

I hope you fall in love with our brand!

Michelle Anson  


Michelle Anson - Pedro's Bluff - About Us - Made in New Zealand