Introducing our Customisation Service

Pedro's Bluff offers a hand-painted monogramming and illustration service on all leather goods retailed online. Using specialty paints that are destined for leather painting and would last for years to come, at Pedro's Bluff we are redefining luxury and wearable art by breathing life and excitement into the leather bags and accessories we make.

Pedro's Bluff - MonogramPedro's Bluff - MonogramPedro's Bluff - Monogram Pedro's Bluff - Monogram

*Note: Size limitations may occur depending on the length of text and space available. In such case, size would be adjusted to suit the space. 



Hand-painted monogramming is complimentary on all Pedro's Bluff leather items.

Simply enter the initials or text in the notes field at checkout and specify the colours(s) desired and whether a shadow is to accompany the text; each letter can be a different colour. An email will be sent within five business days confirming the design and colours nominated, with a mock up to confirm colour and placement. Personalisation is to commence upon email confirmation. 



Send us an image and we can go the extra mile and paint it onto your chosen piece.

When it comes to hand-painted illustrations, we create unique designs that stand out from the crowd and are entirely bespoke - you will not find another piece in the world like it. Every commission is created with individual attention from start to end in the Pedro's Bluff workshop in Auckland, New Zealand, where we work with you to make a statement and reinterpret your imagination into Pedro's Bluff's signature blend of playfulness and charm.

Timing and cost of leather painting depends on the amount of detail required. Approximate costs as follows:
3cm squared: $60
6cm squared: $100
9cm squared and above: TBC 

Timing: Five to ten business days.

Pedro's Bluff - Personalise It - Leather Wallet Bespoke - Made in New ZealandDog with Champagne - Leather Painting

Personalise It - Monogrammed Leather Goods - Pedro's Bluff Leather Painting
Party Dog - Leather Illustration

For further information about this exclusive service, please contact us via email or using the fields below.