In Conversation with Carolyn Keep

In Conversation with Carolyn Keep

With a smile that lights up a room and the ability to rock an ad hoc photoshoot at 7:45am on a Tuesday morning, it is easy to see why Carolyn is a known personality around town. Having MCd at events and presented on TV - most recently she hosted TVNZ 1's People on Bikes, following which most viewers probably swapped the armchair in favour of a bike seat thanks to her fun-loving and can-do persona - Caro is always working on various projects and spreading her effervescence to those who cross paths with her.

We caught up with the vivacious, multi-talented Marilyn Monroe lookalike in the inner city suburb of Parnell where she works to talk about life, passions, and style.

Carolyn Keep

Her background

Where does one begin when talking about their background? It gets harder to narrow down as you get older ha! I was born in Auckland in 1980 when both my parents were 24 and teachers. We then moved to the West Coast of the South Island and my sister and I grew up in Hokitika. We had never heard of the little town until we had to move there! After that, Wellington for high school, then for me came What Now? And my life took on a rather unexpected trajectory of TV Presenting and figuring out what ‘career’ I wanted and what that would look like in and around creativity, sharing, telling stories…which led me to Production, Event Management, Marketing, and Advertising Strategy. Very different from what I’d started studying at Uni – which was Law and Commerce! I’ve lived in Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne as an adult and enjoyed all of those cities for different reasons.

"Describe your personality in five words."

Effervescent, honest, impatient, kind, loyal and a tad old fashioned.

Where she draws inspiration from

Quite simply, those who are living authentically. Whatever that may be. Those who live into the courage of their convictions. Those who talk less, show off less, and do more.

Her favourite…
  • colour: Yellow, it’s sunshine.
  • music: I mean…this is embarrassing but if you judge me on my last 3 concerts…Taylor Swift – Celine Dion and Adele…Well, I’ll leave it there.
  • travel destination: I’m sure I’ve not even seen it yet, but out of where I’ve travelled – Italy.
  • Auckland secret: The Western Beaches. No better sunsets around than there.
  • memory: Too hard to name one. Getting to spend time with someone I’ve missed is always precious.
  • piece of advice ever received: Do what it takes to make yourself happy right down to your bones, even if that’s not what everyone else is doing. Life is too short for doing anything but that.

Pedro's Bluff - Vongole Circle Tote

What’s in her Pedro’s Bluff bag 

A powder, a lipgloss, about 3 different lipsticks, hair ties, wallet, car keys and toothpicks!

Her style ethos

Wear what you like and feel good in, also wear what’s easy to wear!! I’m a fairly simple dresser, I like what I like and I know what I suit, and I stick to that. I’m also all about comfort. If it looks good but it’s uncomfortable, forget about it! 

To follow the fashion highway or stray away from trends

I wouldn’t say I’m influenced by trends, no. I like what I like and it tends to be somewhat timeless and sometimes also slightly masculine. Until I wear a pretty dress!! I like simple lines, and nothing that wears me. Who do I love in terms of style? I’d have to say Lara Bingle (now Worthington) – Simple, classic, never overdone, she has an ease about her with her fashion that I really like.

Pedro's Bluff - Carolyn KeepWhat's keeping Carolyn busy right now

My current role is Marketing and Communications Manager with The Parnell Business Association. It’s the most diverse role I’ve had the pleasure of working in so far and I love it. On the side of that I present television still. People on Bikes has just finished on TVNZ and it looks like there may be a second season, I MC events, involve myself with charities I really care about and do the odd blog here and there when there is something outside of ‘just because’ to write about!
 Pedro's Bluff - Carolyn Keep

 A big thank you to Carolyn for her super-quick response to our questions. Carolyn wears the Vongole Circle Tote in white, which becomes available in December 2018. Follow Carolyn on Instagram @carolynkeep_ or visit her fabulous blog, .