The story behind our brand

The story behind our brand


1. [Noun] A steep cliff, bank or promontory
2. [Verb] An attempt to deceive someone into believing one’s abilities or intentions.
The term “to call someone’s bluff” is to challenge someone to carry out a stated intention,
with the expectation of being able to expose their pretence.


Also the name of a seaport in the southern-most part of New Zealand’s south island, which serves up some of the most delicious oysters in the world.

In a sense, Bluff epitomises the true definition of “corner of the world”, and this country is where our designs originate – a beautiful corner of the globe that defines luxury in its own natural, simple sense of the word.  

New Zealand is home to more penguin species than any other country, with 13 out of 18 penguin species in the world having been recorded as living in the region. It was therefore fitting to feature one as our logo in celebration of the local fauna. 

Our mini mascot Pedro is a Blue Penguin, or “Fairy Penguin” as it’s commonly known. Standing at around 30 cm tall, this is the world’s smallest penguin species and is native to only New Zealand and Australia. Pedro’s jester collar is reflective of his wisecracking nature, as he is often caught bluffing by his mates! Life can’t always be taken too seriously.

PEDRO'S BLUFF - Peregrine Crossbody in Midnight Blue